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So I found out about Ron Paul Tribune the other day due to the Daily Paul.
They have a free web chat. No Registration.
Mods run a tight ship so the ridiculous, overbearing or rude don't last long
and the conversation runs well even with 8 or 9 people with cam feed.
There is also a text chat directly below and a little whiteboard that anyone in the
chat can draw on.

I have really been enjoying this and I thought it would be a great thing to see at LRN / FTL.
I'd even AMP just to use it because I love the idea of having a place to hang out with
liberty minded folks without leaving my home or dealing with boards.

Any thoughts? Problems? Would you take advantage of something like this?

Are you talking about this?

anyone can broadcast cam feed.

I see.  Maybe FTL could set up Google+ Hangouts during their shows.

for sure. that may be the most cost effective way.
i'd really like to see it be free of registration at some point though.
that strikes me as important.


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