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Canadian Liberty Podcast on LRN?


Hello I have been listening to FTL and other great podcasts/radio shows on here for over 6 years now.  And I have been co-hosting this podcast for 6 months now.

I was wondering what it would take or, if it would be possible to have The Voice of Liberty in Canada on LRN?

Write to Ian. He likes to see content prove itself by posting new podcasts on a very regular schedule and demonstrate reliability. And to be good, of course.

Bare minimum of 6 mos of reliable posting. How long has it been on?

Hello Dalebert thanks for the reply. It has been 6 months now that we have been putting out a weekly podcast. We have just taken the 20 minute show to over a hour now.

And we are looking to help spread the message of political and personal freedom. And I believe that we have a good product, good enough for LRN? idk

Here is our newest show Ed and Ethan Show 34

We have Adam Kokesh on at the end, please enjoy!

They are on LRN.FM as of a few weeks ago.   8)


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