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It's over.

--- Quote ---We are deeply disappointed to announce that Scott Horton is no longer part of the staff. Antiwar Radio has consistently been the best foreign policy show on the airwaves, always featuring the biggest names in foreign policy and noninterventionistism. Scott’s unique interview style, his deep knowledge and brilliant skill for entertainment were a centerpiece of this site. The impact the show has had on people, and this site, has been profound. However, we could no longer financially afford to maintain Antiwar Radio. and our donors are not immune to the shrinking war time economy. We have had to make several changes with a smaller budget the details of which we will announce in our weekly newsletter. Meanwhile, the archives of Antiwar Radio are available here. You can continue to follow Scott’s new show, the Scott Horton Show here.
--- End quote ---

Is he going to continue to do a show in the same time slot that AWR was on, or is it over for good?

As you may know by now (sorry for the delayed reply), Scott has continued doing a show, but ultimately decided to leave his live slot on LRN.FM.  His new show airs on the No Agenda Stream live, and in podcast form on the LRN.FM Podcast Loop.


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