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Shipping Pot


Cognitive Dissident:
I've heard from various sources that it's less risky to mail pot than it is to travel with it. So where the hell are you supposed to mail it? I'm guessing mailing it to your hotel room isn't a good idea. Then there's the matter of the return address....

Has anyone here ever done this, or known someone who does?

It used to be relatively safe to travel with baked goods, I used to just toss cookies in tupperware and throw them in the cooler. I'm told that since Colorado A64, cops in other states are harassing drivers in cars with Colorado plates. I'm considering an electric cooler in the trunk. I don't smoke, nor do I wander around with raw pot in my car, so I'm guessing it's unlikely I'll be found out through 4th-amendment-respectful methods...not sure about a dog (don't know what there IS to smell.)

I've been thinking if things got bad enough, I'd rig something into the console which would allow me to dump the small amount I'd have if stopped. Not sure if/how that would work, exactly. Also not sure if I can coax myself to do the actual dumping. If it was recreational, I'd just leave it at home...but it's not.

Far as I know it is a felony to mail thru the USPS.  Don't think it is for UPS or FedEx.

Cognitive Dissident:
Yeah, I'm not to hot on using the postal service, and I heard the couriers are their bitches. I'm not looking forward to driving through states like Utah, Missouri, Nebraska, Kansas, etc. with anything at all. This is especially due to the way things have gone over the past couple years, and today, in particular. A Colorado license plate is basically an invitation to cook up an excuse for a search.


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