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Title: Magical Butter (discount info)
Post by: Cognitive Dissident on September 03, 2013, 01:01:21 PM

Just found this thing on It "automatically" makes butter/oil/tincture. I'd been looking for a simple way to get exactly the right temps for tincture, and hell, at their discount price, it just isn't worth it. The added benefit is it does oils and butter too, so no more straining the water out of butter either. This thing looks awesome and gets great reviews, so I can't wait until it arrives.

Normal price is not cheap, at $175 but given what it is, I can understand it. I got it for $133.44, which is their price ($157) minus 15% summer discount code (summer.) I didn't see a better price from a "legit" source (I.E., warranty covered.)

Give how much time I fucked with filtering, re-reading documentation so I don't screw up, etc., it's a bargain...and no, I'm not getting anything for the plug. I'm just happy to hear someone designed the thing. I predict it's one of many products we'll see as pot gets more mainstream (i.e. "legal.")

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