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Bill Brasky:
It amuses me that theres only a few (one or two) legal growers who can, or will, discuss their medically approved growing situations.  

This is where they should do it.

I'm probably not gonna moderate this thread, but I might - occasionally delete a comment.  Just to keep people safe.

If anyone wants a person removed, PM me.  I will oblige their privacy, no need for argument.

--to get things started, post bud porn.

This is Pineapple Kush.  Its just a normal-sized bud, but it will absolutely wreck your head.    Enjoy.

Bill Brasky:
Jersey has signed into law MM, but the requirements are pretty serious.  Growing is forbidden, I believe, and only card-holders can get MM from state-approved dispensaries. 

I foresee this happening to become the "east coast" way, as opposed to the Western liberal methods.

To my knowledge, the furthest East that has any reasonable laws is Michigan.

I don't find it amusing, per se, but it intrigues me that we have very few legal cardholders on this forum.  I guess when people are relatively satisfied with their one biggest gripe, they don't get their hackles up.

Nevada's laws are somewhat difficult, too, from what I reckon.  It takes a while to get your card, and the reasons are pretty cut-and-dried.  You have to have a wasting disease, or some other bad shit.  You can petition if you're not approved, and the number of plants is low. 

I know my back and insomnia could get me a card in Cali, but they don't give a hoot about that in the East Coast requirements.

Its funny how in one place, you're considered a legitimate candidate, and in others, you're not.

In any case, heres bud porn #2, "Auto Blueberry"  - these require almost no skill whatsoever..  Auto-flowering plants do their thing regardless of photo-periods, but they don't produce as much weight. 

Bill Brasky:
Interesting.  I know that Maine is MM, but I thought they had more stringent requirements. 

Like you, yourself said, getting a grow tag is damn near impossible.

If they have affirmative defense, you still have to be arrested for that to take action. 

Where do Maine MM's get their weed?

Bill Brasky:
Reading some stuff on Maine now. 

Seems like they rolled back a bunch of complicated shit.

If it wasn't so fucking inhospitable, I might be interested.

Bill Brasky:

--- Quote from: blackie on March 07, 2012, 09:04:37 PM ---
Learn about Maine laws.

You haven't have to register with the state since last summer. Just a doctors note. IIRC, the only other state like that is Cali.

--- End quote ---

Voluntary until Dec. 31, 2010
"Patients using marijuana under the old informal system will have their 'affirmative defense' expire on that date. Thereafter, they will need a patient card issued in Maine." (Aug. 19, 2010 email from Maine's Division of Licensing and Regulatory Services)

Someone's got their wires crossed.  Not meaning you.  But there is a paradoxical thing between "not required" and "required after 12/31/10"

I'd definitely want to talk to a NORML lawyer if I got myself involved in any way, and thought I was legal.

That's from PROCON, by the way.


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