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Forced Chemo Therapy against a persons will


17-Year-Old Girl Forcefully Taken From Her Parents By Govt Agents for Refusing Chemotherapy. This is such a ridiculous Violation of this persons inalienable rights.

Here is a bit of the article.

Hartford, Connecticut – 17-year-old Cassandra Fortin has been taken from her family against her will because she refused chemotherapy.

Cassandra was recently diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, but like many people with cancer, Cassandra wants to look into natural options for treatment, instead of chemotherapy. While chemotherapy is heavily pushed by pharmaceutical companies and backed up by government funded science, there are other options for people and everyone should be free to chose their own path in healing.

Doctors at the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center forced Cassandra to undergo chemotherapy against her will, so she quickly ran away from home to get away from the situation.
Her parents supported her decision to reject chemo, but unfortunately their hands were tied as well because they were pressured legally by the doctors.

“She has always—even years ago—said that if she was diagnosed with cancer, she would not put poison into her body,” Cassandra’s mother, Jackie Forton told reporters.

Next, the Fortins were reported to the Connecticut Department of Children and Families for allegedly neglecting their daughter’s medical care.

“CCMC reported to DCF that I was not giving medical attention to my daughter,” Fortin said.

At that point she was physically apprehended by government agents and forced through chemotherapy. According to her family, she got into a physical altercation defending herself from doctors, until she was eventually subdued and strapped down to a table.

The state held a hearing in November, and ultimately gave the Department of Children and Families temporary custody of Cassandra, taking her away from her family.



What really sickens my wife and I about this situation is that she is making a rational choice about her own body, one which her parents are supporting even if they disagree (we don't know). If she had made the choice on religious grounds this likely would not have happened -  we see this all of the time. We also see parents of children refusing treatment on religious grounds and in most cases the child is not removed from the home.

From the state's perspective they can do this because it doesn't constitute violation of the 1st amendment as the choice wasn't made on religious grounds. This is beyond fucked up.


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