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Title: Writer seeks Illustrator
Post by: RobertRun on October 30, 2012, 04:45:33 PM
I am a writer. I write all sorts of things and I have really gotten into one of my projects. It is a graphic Novel/ Series. A series of episodes, put out over time, that combine as a complete story. I have a couple of episodes ready.

The genre is not fantasy, but there is some sci-fi since it is set in the year 2031. It is mostly humor, lots of tongue and cheek, and --LOTS-- of digging at the political establishment of the past.. which in context, is today's political establishment. It's funny, it is, I'm not afraid to say that I can be funny as hell some times, especially when the objects of my derision deserve it. AND THEY DO.

It is libertarian-ish (small-l) in nature, but certainly not Republican phony libertarian, closer to honest libertarianism.

Ok, so reach me. See my profile or respond here. If I can get my email address on my profile by the time you read this then that will be great.

I am committed to this and I am not giving up until I find the right person(s) to work with. So if you have any ideas about anything at all regarding getting me on the right track.. then I have eyes to read.

I should post here that I do not have funds. But I am confident that there is a big enough market for the concept that we'll be able to have a nice run. It is unique and funny. It is.

If you are an illustrator, send me some links to your work and if it seems like a good fit then I will send you some copy to look at.

IF you are not an artist, but you can think of resources that are useful to help me get this done.. then by all means... please.. yes yes.