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Author Topic: Were you hit in the head as a kid?  (Read 5222 times)

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Harry Tuttle

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Re: Were you hit in the head as a kid?
« Reply #15 on: October 21, 2009, 12:15:11 AM »

Doesn't count, because I was 19 or 20 (in the Army), but this was memorable...

I was walking in the motor pool on on hot summer day in Texas. The light reflecting off of the concrete was nearly blinding. I went to walk inside the shop and bent down to duck under one of the bay doors, which was open to chest high. It was very dark inside (due to the contrast in the lighting from outside). I was beginning to stand up on the other side of the door when I heard "bam" and saw a bright, white, light. Next thing I know I'm sitting on my ass with my feet sticking straight out in front of me and a trickle of blood coming down my nose.

What had happened was that somebody had opened the bay door to exactly the same height as the trailer parked just inside. I, being a dumbass, walked in there at regular walking speed and stood straight up into it. The clips that stick onto the pins holding the rank onto my cap had been driven into my forehead good and hard. I felt like the top of my skull was going to come off and I had a gnarly headache for a day or so.
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Bill Brasky

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Re: Were you hit in the head as a kid?
« Reply #16 on: October 21, 2009, 01:51:25 AM »

Windshields, mostly.  

You have a job as a crash test dummy or something? Why so many?

I led a reckless life.  I cracked the windshields in the following:  A '82 Plymouth shitbox, an '85 Datsun 280Z, a '90 Mazda RX7, an '01 Ford Explorer.  The Mazda and Ford were pretty serious, but I walked away from all of 'em.  

Usually when you wreck a car bad, you go to some impound wrecker place who hauled it away, a day or two later to get your shit out of the car.  Both of those times, the greasemonkey at the wrecker place says "You were driving that??" pointing at a pile of unrecognizable junk.  They see a lot of shit people don't walk away from, you know?  

I've been very lucky, and this should not be misconstrued as bragging of any sort - like we're in the tough guy thread.  No, definitely not.  It was stupid and dangerous behavior.  The Mazda wreck was absolutely ridiculous.  I took a hilly corner around 100mph, kept on going in a straight line, sheared off a phone pole way the fuck up in the air.  Smashed through the foundation of a barn, landed it in a cow field, was ejected bodily out of the vehicle like a rag doll.  Stood up, dusted myself off, and went and sat on a rock wall, smoked a cigarette waiting for the cops to come.  The Ford, I hit the butt-end of a guard rail at highway speed, where it curls like a fist to start the length of rail.  Flipped it ass over tea-kettles like the rig in Dark Knight.  Tore a hole in the roof you could put your hand through, the front was just a bunch of random metal.  Sat on the piece of guard rail, waited for the cops to come.  Smoked a cigarette obviously.  Retrieved from my upsidedown truck.

I really don't know why so many.  Maybe so I can tell my stories to others, like we are now.  Maybe theres no reasons at all, random chaos theory.  But every time something like that happens, and I come out the other side of the tunnel, I'm a little higher, and I try to utilize the bonus time I almost lost on this mortal coil.  Be a good parent, and a good son.  Its why I wasn't afraid to leave a good job for the unknown, even though I'd be leaving it a few months from now anyway.  I'm not freakin' out, I should be fuckin' dead.  I'm not gonna spend those years in a fuckin hole while the days float past, wake up one day sixty years old and angry, and my whole goddamn life is gone.  Fuck that.  What'd be the point of surviving those horrible things?  

Why so many...  LOL.  Maybe because I'm just an asshole.  
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Re: Were you hit in the head as a kid?
« Reply #17 on: October 21, 2009, 08:00:14 AM »

I had a couple of head-centric bicycle accidents as a kid, but nothing terribly traumatic.
Later on in high school, when I tried to get back into sports after an extensive hiatus, well... Let's just say I was hit by more baseballs than I, in fact, actually hit.
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Re: Were you hit in the head as a kid?
« Reply #18 on: October 23, 2009, 02:29:42 AM »

Fell off a horse when I was 3 or 4...

Lots of slamdancing injuries... Probably the best: at my friend's, 14 yo., someone tripped me in such a way that I came up parallel to the floor ~6' high and came down on the front brace/bar of a chair, a 2"x4" about a foot off the floor - no cushion over it. Got kicked in the head by three skinheads for about a minute around that same time...

A cop hit me in the head with a flashlight for a few minutes, but it didn't really hurt... I merely informed him that the person he was beating was a 14 yo. girl to get that one.

My dad, once, hard. Beer run at 4 am; I didn't blame him. That's the only time I saw stars.

Many others. Probably none very interesting.
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