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Title: #StandWithRand
Post by: Rebel on March 06, 2013, 10:33:35 PM
The dude is filibustering his ass off on hour 11. Figure I'd come here and there'd be nothing, meanwhile the whole country and the media is talking about this.  If anyone round these parts has been paying attention at all today, they'd be sending residual attaboys non-stop.
Title: Re: #StandWithRand
Post by: Ski Killington on March 07, 2013, 02:51:29 PM (
Title: Re: #StandWithRand
Post by: cavalier973 on March 07, 2013, 07:37:36 PM
I spent the whole time going back and forth between Twitter and Facebook.
Title: Re: #StandWithRand
Post by: Rebel on March 07, 2013, 08:50:36 PM
I haven't listened to last night's show where FTL talks about this but I did notice they mention that Rand voted for NDAA. From the look of the podcast listing, they talk about the filibuster and then appear to pot shot him saying he voted for NDAA. If all the details are mentioned in correct fashion and this isn't Ian's attempt to pot shot then I'll modify this post. Here's Rand's FB response on his vote:
I have noticed that many are confused by my vote for NDAA. Please allow me to explain.

First, we should be clear about what the bill is. NDAA is the yearly defense authorization bill. It’s primary function is to specify which programs can and can't be funded within the Pentagon and throughout the military. It is not the bill that spends the money—that comes later in an appropriations bill.

Because I think we should spend less, I will offer amendments to cut spending. I will likely vote against the final spending bill. This wasn't it.

This bill also isn’t about indefinite detention. This year's bill did not contain the authorization for indefinite detention.

That provision was in last year's NDAA bill.

The bill this year contained the amendment I supported which sharply limited the detention power, and eliminated it entirely for American citizens in the US. While it is only a partial victory, it was a big victory. Particularly compared to what passed last year. Even so, I will continue to fight to protect anyone who could possibly be indefinitely detained.

I would never vote for any bill, anywhere, that I believed enhanced the government's power to abridge your rights and detain people. This goes against every principle I hold dear and the Constitution I took an oath to uphold and protect.

Government power and the many associated abuses have been piling up for years. We will not win all our liberties back at once. But we did win one battle this year, and we should be pleased that we did while also realizing the fight is really just getting started.

I hope you will keep fighting alongside me.

Furthermore, here's Rep Amash's take on it and for those that are clueless, he's Ron's pitbull from MI:
Senator Rand Paul is correct in his description of the 2013 NDAA. It's the 2012 NDAA (not 2013) that authorizes indefinite detention without charge or trial. There's much more to be done to protect our rights and undo the harm of the 2012 NDAA (which doesn't expire), but thanks to the efforts of United States Senator Mike Lee and Sen. Paul, we are making significant progress in (re-)advancing the principle that all people in the United States have a constitutionally protected right to full due process.
Title: Re: #StandWithRand
Post by: One two three on March 08, 2013, 11:51:10 PM
Furthermore, here's Rep Amash's take on it and for those that are clueless, he's Ron's pitbull from MI:
They still haven't banned pitbulls in MI? Give it time.
Title: Re: #StandWithRand
Post by: paulie on March 13, 2013, 08:19:02 AM
I have NO problem identifying myself with the likes of the Paul family, Rand or Ron, or their families.  :D