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Title: New: Activists-Only Web Directory
Post by: bushwacker on April 22, 2006, 02:41:30 AM
Hey all. As of this week, I've started a (aparently first ever) Web directory specifically for Activism related content. It is extremely beta, but I have a domain reserved for it, and hopefully it will "go live" in the near future. You can check it out at It will be customized and will look/act a lot better soon, so please ignore the "template" feel. This is because we* just got the software and haven't had time for that yet. You are welcome to submit your content for free. We will someday have priority paid listings, but: A) I don't have the paypal crap set up yet, and B) there's not enough competing content yet to make it worthwhile for anyone outside of "charity" urges.

This thing will be open to all, and thus will not probably enclude exclusively libertarian content. In fact, there may be some BS hardcore commie/socialist crap too, but that's just the price that one has to pay for being "fair and balanced".

*"We" equates to approximately 90% me and 10% Triddle so far. Hopefully he or someone else with PHP skills can help by rewriting the really crappy search algorithm the directory uses. It is ok, but could be vastly improved, IMHO.