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Author Topic: Israeli settlers are terrorists?  (Read 46706 times)

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Re: Israeli settlers are terrorists?
« Reply #270 on: February 26, 2010, 10:30:38 PM »

It even says in the source you referenced above that at the time of the "Cave of the Patriarchs" massacre:
"... warnings were issued regarding an expected attack by Hamas following the distribution of its leaflets in Hebron."

Besides, Cave of the Patriarchs was the ONLY case of Jewish suicide-bomber ever.
He wasn't a bomber, and he didn't commit suicide. I'm not sure why that matters. He's definitely not the only case of a Jewish terrorist.

Shortly afterwards, Baruch Goldstein, a Jewish resident of the Kiryat Arba settlement and member of the Kahanist movement, entered the Isaac Hall of the cave. He was dressed in his army uniform and carried an IMI Galil assault rifle and four magazines of ammunition, which held 35 rounds each. He was not stopped by the guards, who assumed that he was an officer entering the tomb to pray in an adjacent chamber reserved for Jews.[3]

Standing in front of the only exit from the cave and positioned to the rear of the Muslim worshippers, he opened fire with the weapon, killing 29 people and injuring another 125.


The attack ended when Goldstein was subdued and beaten to death by the survivors.

So if Hamas' first suicide attack was "in retaliation" to Cave of the Patriarchs massacre, than what were all their other hundreds of suicide bombing attacks in retaliation for?
I don't know, but it seems like you have to be brainwashed or really mad about something to be a suicide bomber.

It's not like the Jews don't do the retaliation thing.

The first operations began around April 1936, and by the end of World War II, more than 250 Arabs had been killed. The trend of activities was an attempt to respond "an eye for an eye" in the form of violent operations against Arab violence, and often to match the form of retaliation or its location to correspond to the attack that provoked it. A number of examples:

    * After an Arab shooting at Carmel school in Tel Aviv, which resulted in the death of a Jewish child, Irgun members attacked an Arab neighborhood near Kerem Hatemanim in Tel Aviv, killing one Arab man and injuring another.
    * On August 17, the Irgun responded to shootings by Arabs from the Jaffa-Jerusalem train towards Jews that were waiting by the train block on Herzl Street in Tel Aviv. The same day, when a Jewish child was injured by the shooting, Irgun members attacked a train on the same route, killing one Arab and injuring five.

During 1936, Irgun members carried out approximately ten retaliatory operations.

Throughout 1937 the Irgun continued this line of operation.

    * On March 6, a Jew at Sabbath prayers at the Western Wall was shot by a local Arab. A few hours later, the Irgun shot at an Arab in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Rechavia.
    * On June 29, a band of Arabs attacked an Egged bus on the Jerusalem - Tel Aviv road, killing one Jew. The following day, two Jews were also killed near Karkur. A few hours later, the Irgun carried out a number of operations.
          o An Arab bus making its way from Lifta was attacked in Jerusalem.
          o In two other locations in Jerusalem, Arabs were shot as well.
          o In Tel Aviv, a hand grenade was thrown at an Arab coffee shop on Carmel St., injuring many of the patrons.
          o Irgun members also injured an Arab on Reines St. in Tel Aviv.
          o On September 5, the Irgun responded to the murder of a rabbi on his way home from prayer in the Old City of Jerusalem by throwing explosives at an Arab bus that had left Lifta, injuring two female passengers and a British police officer.
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