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Title: Freedom for Sale
Post by: HouseFetish on April 05, 2006, 04:13:40 AM

I have acquired several internet domain names that may be of interest to the FTL folks (libertarians, rational thinkers, etc.)  These domains can (and should) be used to promote freedom and liberty through the web which is, of course, the best medium for doing so.  These domains are very memorable and obviously appropriate for a variety of purposes.  There are three domains available:

If anyone is interested in these domains, please contact me at  I will sell them for $120 each or $300 for all three.  I can transfer them to you easily and quickly through  I wanted to hold on to them for a while but unfortunately I need money to move after college =(  Hopefully they will fall into the hands of a communist!

-Erik Voorhees
Title: Re: Freedom for Sale
Post by: bushwacker on April 07, 2006, 08:40:25 PM
Thanks, but no thanks. On the other hand, I have and up for auction on Min bids are 60 dollars. Granted, they aren't perhaps geared toward this same market but they are cool if anyone wants them. 8-)