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Title: Bill Cliton (n left out on purpose) hit the nail on the head ie: govt. robbery
Post by: Riddler on December 06, 2009, 07:40:07 PM

'Stand and deliver!': The left's highway robbery

At the state Democratic Party's Jefferson-Jackson Dinner on Wednesday night, former President Bill Clinton rallied party faithful by reminding them repeatedly that Democrats were elected to office to "stand and deliver."

"We got hired to stand and deliver," he said. Boy, was he right.

Clinton probably doesn't know it, but the phrase "stand and deliver" is the original version of "stick 'em up." It originated among English highwaymen who would rob stagecoaches by riding into the path of the coach, raising their pistols and telling the good folks on board to "stand and deliver your valuables."

It is a fitting phrase for the current Democratic Party, which is raising taxes for the purpose of redistributing money from the people who earned it to the party's voting base and millions of middle-class Americans the party hopes will become its voting base if it can shower enough government freebies upon them.

There is even the threat of physical force if you don't pay what they demand. The Democrats' health care legislation would require Americans to purchase health insurance or be fined. Americans who refuse to pay the penalty could be imprisoned.

To be clear, not all taxation is akin to robbery. But taxation for the purpose of wealth redistribution -- for the purpose of removing money from politically unfavored groups so it can be given to favored ones -- is. That is the agenda of the Democratic Party's leadership in Washington right now. It was nice of Bill Clinton to unwittingly clarify it.'Stand+and+deliver!'%3A+The+left's+highway+robbery&articleId=a0d73987-425e-43d5-bea6-1339105554a2

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