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Author Topic: 2016 3rd Party Debate Plan  (Read 992 times)

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2016 3rd Party Debate Plan
« on: October 10, 2013, 07:49:32 PM »

I thought Id share with the liberty lovin' peeps here what Im cooking up for 2016

Free and Equal Elections Foundation hosted the 2012 3rd Party Presidential debates that were moderated by Larry King and Thom Hartmann and viewed by an estimated 20 million people.  Ive left Free & Equal, but I have even bigger plans moving forward.  I believe that with laying the groundwork down now, we can create debates that are viewed by far more than 20 million people and really compete on a national stage.

4 Point plan to give the 3rd Parties a media platform to fairly compete in 2016 and let alternative voices and ideas be heard.

1 - Hosting the debates in LA and NYC.  While I got lucky with Ora.tv helping to bring Larry King in to moderate the Chicago debate, I wasnt so lucky in DC. While Thom Hartmann is well known, hes not nearly as big as the names who were interested in moderating the 2nd debate had we been in LA or NYC. Larry King generated incredible amounts of press for that debate, and I plan on bringing in more names the entire country knows and cameras cant help but follow to moderate the debates in 2016.  (Both Jon Stewart and Phil Donahue were interested if we had been in NYC, as were Ricki Lake and Martin Sheen had we been in LA.)

2 - Two tiers of sponsors. Our second tier sponsors will expand on the 57 media and organization sponsors F&E had for the 2012 debates. These sponsors paid nothing, but reported on the debates and helped spread word of them.  The first tier sponsors will be the real game changer in 2016 organizations and companies that will sponsor us financially, enabling us to then take that money to the networks to run promotional ads in addition to broadcasting our debates.   RT America, The Real News Network, Al Jazeera, Free Speech TV, Ora.tv, Link TV and CSPAN all broadcast the 2012 debates, and Im going to work hard to get at least one of the major networks to join that list in 2016. (As well as Ben Swanns soon to launch EMP News Network)

3 - In the summer of 2012 a handful of Gary Johnson supporters were able to get through to 2 companies and 1 organization (Phillips, BBH New York and the YWCA) that had been sponsors of the Commission on Presidential Debates and educate them about their debates being closed.  I was late on the ball in trying to bring them on as sponsors of the debates in 2012, but I plan on really promoting this approach in 2016 to starve the CPD of their sponsorship dollars, and doing all we can to welcome these companies and orgs on as sponsors of the open debates. If we can get just one of these companies to sponsor them, it will create an opportunity for a national news story.

4 - At least 10 debates. Well start the 2016 debates in the early summer, and space them out so that the last one takes place right before the CPDs start.  Just 2 debates close to election day is too little too late. Last year viewers could vote online for their favorites, and I plan on expanding that to voting via text message, with one candidate going home after every debate until 2 are left at the last debate. The plan is to create demand for the candidates to be included in the CPDs events. If they dont allow them to their debate, the American people will become very aware of the fraud, and well publicly invite the D/R candidates to our platform while we continue hosting debates with our two remaining candidates on the same nights the CPDs are held to include the VPs. Well ignore them just as theyve ignored us. We also plan for reality TV shows that showcase each of the candidates before the first debate airs.

The media project I'm helping with now - http://benswann.com/ - and the work I do with a reality TV show producer, are with an eye on creating relationships with people in other organizations and media outlets that will help with the 2016 plan.

I am currently looking for organizations/companies/media platforms that would be interested in forming a coalition to help make these debates as big a success as possible, and if you know of anyone who might consider joining with - http://ivn.us/- http://www.saveamericafoundation.com   - http://www.amtvmedia.comhttp://www.bluerepublican.org/ - some of the coalition that is already aboard, feel very free to pass this along!  I really think we can shake things up!

In Liberty, Zak Carter
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