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Title: "Episodes & Show Prep" section under "The Show"
Post by: Kelvin on May 13, 2012, 01:52:02 AM
I see very few posts in the "Episodes & Show Prep" section under "The Show" section. 

The "Episodes & Show Prep" section provides a great place to continue discussion of interesting ideas that come up during the show, or expand on subjects, or bitch about hosts / callers and whatever. 

The "chat room" doesn't really work for this purpose because of people all talking at once, holding separate conversations at the same time, going off on tangents....  In my opinion, the forum style discussion encourages a more considered approach to discussing the ideas which come up.

I've been trying to get this going a little bit by posting links related to topics that were brought up during the show, throwing in my $.02 worth, etc. 

I'd like to invite others to join me in this.  Maybe the hosts will even start reading "Episodes & Show Prep" and get some "show prep" from the discussions, or at least what topics are "hot" and which are "not".