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Title: hey everyone looking for successful Internet streamers
Post by: adlibwoman on May 05, 2013, 02:31:56 PM
I'm a tech who has built systems since 1993, enjoyed CB before then a bit, love technology, worked tech support and studied everything techie over the years. I researched streaming my own talk radio station on my website but of course all the terms say no commercial this or that, no adult content, blah blah blah whatever other millions of rules of which mostly I agree, but want more freedom of speech. Finally here I found read freedom and want to learn everything possible from anyone who has succeeded in streaming live talk radio on their site. Don't have any money to invest at the moment but gathering info is the first step. Yes I read the home page of AM/FM and Internet streaming. I learn more by seeing and feeling things live and in action than just reading and watching videos lol. I like to look at the source code, equipment, and know how things tick together  8)

Can't wait to meet some cool FTL Internet radio geeks  8)

Cleveland, OH