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Author Topic: 2013-12-21  (Read 900 times)

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« on: December 21, 2013, 10:02:48 PM »

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Re: 2013-12-21
« Reply #1 on: December 22, 2013, 10:58:31 AM »

Ill try to make this brief and please note these are my opinions on some issues and there open to debate.
First on the cookbook, while it gives knowledge, it in its self is just a tool, or source of information. That it may have aided disturbed individuals is somewhat irrelevant, do to the fact that the individuals were disturbed, and would have gained knowledge with or with out its the cookbooks existence. (You could hold the inventor of a steak knife to blame for any murders committed with a steak knife; if you viewed it with this post speculation concept.) for good or bad its a tool and its potential lies in the hands of the holder. (e.g. so does the responsibility)
if the author truly feels guilt for it, his path forward is clear, to do his best in making the world better by a, correcting the (or trying) what made the individuals disturbed (in my opinion the way schools function (built for a industrial age wich has ended), I heard about that school sucks from the show and that is a start. take sports out of schools still offer but not involved with schools at all. College should be free just required to teach after graduation in field of study. And dedicate his life fixing the issue that made him feel that way to save others sharing the same anger he felt. <p>

(off point but just as important insurance should have no role in health care, as well as PHD's should be free and expedited. The way it is now only wealthy people that ultimately chose the profession of Doctor because of the pay rate,  become doctors. I wont go to hospital unless limbs are missing because i know every practitioner there is only there for money. ) sorry its the truth. <p>

Back to the point, all bad serves good in the end if we can accept that hardship, are greatest strengths come from our biggest conflicts. (the time-machine issue is a bad idea because if we avoid the atrocities in the past the well repeat them in the future.) Its sad but all humans are slow learners (me included) and we require contrast. To know right we have to experience wrong, to feel light we have bear darkness. I would love to fix some things personally with a time machine but if i did i would just be cheating my self out my purpose of life. <p>

Ken's question is impossible, because game theory. But in best answer if your society did have a resource in witch another needed to offer it to them, obliviously it is a enlighten people and they would see that we need to help each other. (and the politic and cynical reason is in so doing you can obtain measure of control in the way your resource is distributed. <p>

I believe jean is just worried about the loss of community, not so much liberty but good will for each other because our governments who do not harbor us good will, (or there adversaries; other governments) want to pacify us so we are not aware of the injustices and lies they sell us. I think jean if the problem has the right perspective these distractions can avail us and back fire on there makers. (using games etc to make communities and connect us rather then isolate.)<p>

last point sorry for the length of this Post, but the only thing that makes prostitution dangerous is the laws. also the laws cause unintended births (in that profession).
As for the marriage and Christianity, well marriage is not in the bible, its not. the catholic church created it around 1400s (i don't know exact date) but they created it to stop kings from fornicating with concubines. <p>

Jesus does mention adultery but not marriage. (so that leaves a lot of room)<p>

 (I believe he means once you found the one you truly love if your lucky enough to then fornication with another for pleasure at the deceit of the one you have a built a relationship with would be adultery. That is my belief again not fact,) but who's to say you would not go through multiple relationships until you reached the one you loved.)
As said on the broadcast there's a lot lost in translation, and even more was lost when Rome legalized Christianity and Constantine revised the bible, (the start of Catholicism, then clashed with another sect of Christians, who lost that war. In turn Europe was controlled by catholic church. And ultimately is why America is here because we protested  against it. (protestants)<p>
 I'm not trying to sell the christian belife or what ever you may call it. I'm just trying to state that a lot of what Christians accept as facts are falsehoods. I am christian but I believe the things that matter came through in the text and were not molested by the catholic church. Mainly God lived as a man. He came to save us and we killed him.(again what I believe do not require others) Horrible thing but it serves good, and is a lesson in contrast. <p>

besides that point I am only sharing this to clarify some things. I don't even like speaking about it because others that feel its there duty to inform the world, have made such a farce of it.

<p> if they were real and not just wanting moral high ground they would be as closed lipped as I usually am, because their life's and how they live would speak for them. lastly to the guest speaker, (sorry bro forgot your name this was first time I heard this broadcast but i truly enjoyed it though)and again i hate to talk about this but those rules you spoke of were broken by the word, when he came he broke mosaic laws from the 1st testament, i still value your point completely and most of those (must be seen moraly higher bible thump-rs) don't know the laws or what i just wrote but, there only in church scene to be seen.
that the ones who life the best become our nations leaders is just as sad.
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