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Title: 2011/10/02 show comments
Post by: Fervent Descent on October 03, 2011, 01:25:05 PM
Near the end of the show the meaning of justice was brought up.  Unfortunately for subjects of various government corporations, the legal definitions is the only one that matters.  To the men in black dresses justice is served when the letter of the law if followed.  Also I believe for men in dresses criminal justice is only about punishment, punishment at the expense of everyone, which is punishment of everyone.  Reparation is only a matter for civil court.  I think reparation is all that matters and criminal courts should be abolished.

Also on the topic of parents being charged by government for misbehaving children in school or on buses.  Well I think commenting on this specific instance is like complaining about parking violations of mafia soldiers during a crime.  So I would like to comment on criminal behavior of individuals.  I do believe the primary care giver(s), baring outside abuse or influence on the developing child, should be treated as a party to the crime so should be apportioned the cost of criminal behavior, which explicitly would be the reparations.  I base this recommendation on my research of development psychology and the need for better parenting.  To clear the care giver would primarily be to provide proof of no child abuse.  Which could be done through documentation of a neutral 3rd party such as a insurance company or dispute resolution organization and scans of the offenders brain to prove absence of developmental trauma.

3. (Law) the administration of law according to prescribed and accepted principles
4. (Law) conformity to the law; legal validity

The Bomb in the Brain: The True Roots of Human Violence
Title: Re: 2011/10/02 show comments
Post by: Sam Gunn (since nobody got Admiral Naismith) on October 03, 2011, 01:45:50 PM
I thought you just said there shouldn't be any criminal courts.  But then you're saying that innocent people should be tried as criminals on behalf of actual criminals in court. 

Maybe you ought to rethink what you're saying there.